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First of all, love your blog, I have shared it with my students. I used to practice boxing with sparring and competition at my old gym. But I find it hard to motivate my students to spar. I also have a question about the speedball. What is the best height for the speedball? Head height or above? But of course, many people will feel more comfortable and speedy when the bag is a little lower where the eye line is level with the widest part of the speedbag. Do you think lacking these is a good reason to switch to a full boxing gym?

It seems these are pretty important training tools, though I may be able to hang a speed bag in my apartment. Not everyone can make it to the gym though schedules and what not , so its great to have some workout equipment at home. I spend a lot of time woodworking in the garage, so I decided to build a retractable speed bag platform there blog post at http: I learn your hit,but the ball spinning a lot,is it because the swivel to much rotating or something else.

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Which one is best not rotating but the U hook swinging good. If the ball is spinning a lot, you simply need to hit it more accurately. It takes time and some practice. Another layer of wood. It really seems to make a difference to me. This applies to those that are setting one up at home of course. They look like a couple links from a bicycle chain. Once I tried one of these the difference was phenomenal. I recently found your site, and I really appreciate it.

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This is a solid, well written article Speed Bag training article. I like the Idea of starting with open hands, pushing the bag for 3 rebounds. You can also use 5 rebounds if 3 is too fast. Too hook up with other speed baggers around the world you might visit speedbagforums. Speaking of which, I should add purchase links to your instructional products right now on this guide.

Great video and explanation! Like you said, the fingertips thing is really key to getting the hang of it. I read your article and had never heard of starting with fingertips, so I gave it a go. I was able to get a short series of good hits in under ten minutes, like you said. With more work that day, I was able to get a longer series of hits with rolling punches. Day 2, I was able to alternate straight and rolling punches, both hands, and get an even longer series of hits. I was primarily hitting off of audio cues. Because of this, I was actually able to get a short series of hits, only four, but with eyes closed!

Day 3, I was able to go continuously for about ten minutes, with periods of increased speed where I was able to punch significantly harder but still keep my timing. I can actually see the bag and choose the angle to hit at now, where at first all my brain processed was a blur. So glad this helped you, Will. I still teach beginners with this exact same formula and it never fails. Hello, and good day!

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I greatly appreciate the simplicity of how to hit a speed bag. Psychology discouraged at first glance in times past, confidence at a new high. Mine is the original and many sites like these simply rip off from mine without permission.

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Hope you can get it fixed. Do not focus a great deal of your time on a speed bag. It is only good for hand-eye coordination. But it will create bad habits in your stance, punches, movement, defense, etc. These skills can be aquired from a ton of different types of exercises. I would spend more time on a double end bag, or even a heavy bag! But I know people that can do all kinds of crazy tricks and hit 2 bags at the same time, etc.

But my fighters are only allowed to use it in moderations. How long in duration is a good speed bag workout and how does this fit into the rest of your workout? Wondering if longer duration with no breaks would be more beneficial…15 mins. Share your thoughts with other boxers.

Want your own comment image? Notify me of follow-up comments via e-mail. The 1 boxing training website since Techniques and tips for boxers, fighters, martial artists, trainers, and fitness enthusiasts to learn how to box. Skip to primary navigation Skip to content Skip to primary sidebar Skip to footer The 1 boxing training website since Join Over , Boxers. Speed Bag Rhythm The first step to hitting the speed is knowing the rhythm. Tips to Hit the Speed Bag 1. Hold both hands close to the bag Keep your hands close to the bag.

Hit in small circles Your hand should travel in make small circles in the air when you hit the speed bag. Some trainers will recommend going 3 times for each hand. Stand square You are not in your boxing stance. Working the Speed Bag I am pretty confident anyone can learn how to hit the speed bag in 10 minutes or less using the tips I put above. What boxing speed bag to buy? Did you learn something?

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Just got the new e-mail, everything is great. Keep up the good work ,I teach some of the stuf you teach -your a better a teacher -thanks.

Johnny, Thanks for the tips. Hi Johnny N, Thanks for posting this.

Which is the kind of swivel that only moves back and forth, is it the U swivle? Hey Johnny, Awesome post. Pretty much using the open hand method i was going in about 10 mins. I think it might be my speed bag as it needs to be a bit tighter. Can you recommend the best speed bag platform please?

Hi Johnny, When I hit the bag it swivels alot. Any tips on getting a more controlled punch back and forth. Johnny wanted to know is hitting a bigger speed bag more difficult than hitting a smaller one? Good Afternoon, I still have trouble hitting the speed bag. What are its advantages in a fight? Thank you , Erwin.

Hi Johnny, I am a complete novice to boxing but I am looking to get a speed bag to use as part of my fitness routine. Great website by the way! Once again, Love this blog! Great instruction — pithy and precise. A vertical setup is shown below: You can also simply attach the swivel to any stable wall surface. Many people use will attach an economy model rebound board to an inside or outside wall, as well as a tree or any vertical stable service.

How to Hang a Speed Bag

F ree standing frames are a stand that sits on the floor. These are often used in areas where there is no place or desire for a wall attachment. The good things are they can be moved around easily, can be used in apartments or rental homes, and may adjust higher or lower than a wall unit. On the negative side, they are much less stable than a wall unit and require some type of stabilization, by either weights on the board or floor pod, or straps. Otherwise they will creep along the floor and sway back and forth with the force of punching.

It is best to have them placed next to a wall to reduce creep. If you have hardwood floors, put a rug or carpet under the floor pods to protect the floor surface. To reduce vibration and increase the stability, it is recommended to use speed bag wall units with two vertical wall poles. These will hold steadier when performing techniques that move the bag sideways, such as the hook punch. Single pole units seem to sway a lot more. Any weight that can roll could very quickly be a safety hazard! Something that will not shift or vibrate during use. Sand filled bags are recommended.

The most important factor of setting up a Vertical Wall unit is the height of the bag. It is easier to lower a vertical bag to the proper height than to raise it. The greatest problem with free standing frames is the single vertical pole, which seems to have problems holding the board still during use. Stability may be increased on single pole units by attaching some type of stabilization straps to the frame to hold it steady. At least two are recommended, but we find three straps on the unit to be better.

The unit shown below is from the mid 's and is not made anymore. SEE this floor frame in action! If you use support straps as shown here, be sure and tighten them evenly. Take all the slack out of each strap, then crank each ratchet the same amount of times. Ideally you want equal tension on all the straps. They need to be fairly tight to secure the unit evenly.