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Our friends at Larabar sent a fun package. It tastes like a candy bar! Smoothie at Green Brothers Juice. We went for two walks on the day that Finn turned 5 months!

We met a friend for a long walk at Freedom Park. And then took the girls for a walk on the trails. I had a Visa gift card that I decided to use towards AirPods. Of course, right when I purchase them there are all of these articles saying to wait until October 30 because Apple might be releasing an updated version.

Reno 911! Peanut Butter

Now to decide whether to go ahead and open them or hold out. Finn made his TV debut on Friday morning! Merci and Finn are just four days apart in age. Off to enjoy the rest of Saturday. We have another walking date planned with a friend. I am all about walking for get togethers these days. My office pooled money and we all bought lotto tickets!

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That is the only time I ever do it so about x a year. In fact I had one last night with a girlfriend who had been away for a few weeks so we did a WOD from a few weeks ago that neither of us had done it was a long one with DUs and power snatches and HSPUs! My two cents about the air pods…hold out just to see! They must be re-releasing older episodes because I remember listening to that podcast before. I love hearing how companies and brands that I use were created.

Peanut Butter…..BABY!

I miss it so much. Notify me of new blog posts by email. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Day in the Life at 5 Months. That looks delicious, and makes me want to start experimenting in the kitchen more. I love plantains and avocado! I was thankful enough to get a wonderful dose of Vitamin D today as I walked with my client for her workout. Stay dry and happy Hump Day!

Does your Golden sleep in that position? The second he gets comfortable, he rolls over onto his back. Your dog is seriously the cutest! Rainy days are the best just to hang in and lounge with the pups especially when you wake up a little crank and needing more java! Notify me of new blog posts by email. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Getting Back To It.

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Nut Butter Stuffed Salty Dates

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