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Keep them that way. Efficient Matching We do our very best to only show you to people who meet your preferences, AND where you meet theirs, prioritized by people you actually have a decent shot at conversing with. Meanwhile, in Western Massachusetts, the mountainous Berkshires live up to the imagined image of rural New England, and quaint towns like Amherst and Northampton offer a thriving arts scene.

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Many students opt for Massachusetts as it is considered to be a more welcoming and more moderately-paced site than New York City without compensating on cultural richness, diversity, and stimuli that the Big Apple has. Massachusetts boasts an academic reputation like no other state in the US. Not only is it home to the oldest elementary and high schools in the country, it boasts the oldest and arguably most prestigious college in the country, Harvard University.

With roots dating back to , it is known as the oldest university in the US, and its main campus is located in the city of Cambridge.

The university itself is organised into 11 separate academic units spread throughout the area. It is the only Ivy League university in the state.

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Uniquely it has more than 18 million volumes in its university library — a number beaten only by the Library of Congress and the Boston Public Library. Alumni from Harvard are particularly impressive including eight US presidents, more than 30 foreign heads of state, 62 living billionaires, Nobel Laureates, 10 Academy Award winners, 48 Pulitzer prizes and Olympic gold medallists. Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT has consistently been one of the highest ranked universities in the world.

Often mistaken for being in Boston, the university is located on acres of land in the city of Cambridge. As the name suggests, MIT is strongly focused on science and technology, and is considered a dominant world-leader in these fields. Amherst College is a private liberal arts college in Amherst, Massachusetts. It is an exclusively undergraduate university where students can choose from 38 major programmes in an open curriculum.

The university has been recognised for its commitment to quality teaching and student interaction. The student-faculty ratio is and 90 per cent of classes have fewer than 30 students.

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Williams College is a private liberal arts college, this time in Williamstown in Massachusetts. The college has produced many prominent alumni including eight Pulitzer prize winners, a Nobel Prize Laureate, 10 billionaires, and 71 members of the United States Congress. The university mainly teaches undergraduate students across humanities, sciences and social sciences, in 24 departments and 35 majors. The university also offers two small master's degree programmes in art history and developmental economics. Another liberal arts college, Wellesley College is a private women's college in the town of Wellesley.

In the admissions policy was updated to allow transgender women and non-binary people assigned female at birth to be considered for admittance. The first transgender women students enrolled in Fall The colleges's alumni base is often viewed as one of the "most powerful women's networks in the world".

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Located in the city centre, Boston University , is ranked highly across the world. Offering different fields of study across 17 schools, the university is renowned for its groundbreaking research.

Students have the chance to study across two campuses, including one based in the historic south end of Boston and the Boston University Medical Campus. Tufts University is perfect for shoppers, foodies and concert goers; Brandeis University was founded just 70 years ago and is great for students looking for a modern institution; and Boston College has a suburban campus with regular transport into the city centre.

However, for students looking to live outside of Boston, there are plenty of other cities in Massachusetts, which all have their own thriving personalities.