Is dating a sorority girl bad

Endless Drama All girls have drama. But sorority broads, they are the cream of drama crop. They have to be associated with girls they hate. They can't escape them. And sure, you can't expect girls to love every one of their sisters.

Six Disadvantages to Dating a Sorority Girl

Hell, guys don't like everyone in their own fraternity either. They takes sides and start internal wars for even the most nonsensical bullshit.

And the worst part is, they'll suck you into it. But then your sister and his brother break up. The truth is, being in a sorority allows you to explore many sides of yourself, no matter how girly you are. Chi Omega, Indiana University Being in a sorority is the most fulfilling experience someone can have at school, both socially and academically.

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The perception of sororities is unfortunate: No, because nobody has the capacity to like that many people. They will Immediately know everything about you, via the woman you are dating. It's not actually like sisterhood, though. Sorority women learn how to speak their mind in an intelligent and respectful manner.

Dating Your Sorority Sister: The Dos and Don’ts

There is just something about being associated with Greek letter that makes people think it is okay to throw their judgments freely around you. My answer to that is: Doesn't your 'philanthropy' really just pay for parties? She will be drinking with lots of guys, some of whom will try to hit on her.

Frat parties while someeeetimes fun are not anyone's shining moment. One of her sorority girls will inevitably be somewhere that you are: Whether on campus, or at a local bar, they are unintentionally witnessing your every move. And since you two will be doing all this growing in completely separate environments aside from the occasional rendezvous, the cute little things you guys had in common back home are suddenly dwarfed by the huge differences you have come to realize during the 9 or more months you spend apart a year.

Between networking, career workshops, resume workshops, and so much more, sororities provide women with the tools they need to find a job after college, not a husband. After that joining a sorority began to lose its appeal.

Chi Omega, Purdue I would say one of the best reasons for joining a sorority is the study buddies! The best rule in college for the first two years, for both girls and guys, is to have fun, try to score with as many people as you can, and under no circumstances let anyone tie you down in a reltionship. But what happens if you finally find a cute, single girl that you click with and want to date… and she happens to be in your sorority?

Check them out below! We know that it can be tempting. According to Mary Gorham Malia, the founder of Gay Girl Dating Coach , a sorority can seem like an obvious place to find someone totally dateable.

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However, always remember why you joined a sorority in the first place: Even if the feelings are mutual, there is a lot to consider before jumping into a relationship with a sister. If you have any doubts about how your sisters might take your relationship, just ask.

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Unfortunately, there will be no one-size-fits-all answer waiting for you and your girlfriend. Few sororities have official rules and bylaws addressing homosexual intra-sorority relationships, so most potential complications will likely come from the attitudes of your sisters, which only you can gauge for yourself. There is a possibility that either you or your partner might not yet be out or even still questioning —which is completely okay.