Hook up car amp without rca jacks

You would need a processor to get rid of that like a RF But now have a new car, this will take a while to figure out. Originally Posted by sqshoestring.

Head Unit Without RCA Output Jacks???

Originally Posted by ehkewley. Well, if there's anything we've got extra of in New Zealand, it's sheep No highs , no lows. Originally Posted by tinctorus.

Exactly I always tell customers who come in with factory bose systems thinking they are the shit and that nothing aftermarket could compare I just tell them Yeah bose is great if you like not having and highs or lows and love your midbass I think stock bose sounds like shit IMO. Just as good tonally as some MLevinson systems I've heard.

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Of course, not all OEM bose systems, even among the same make vehicles, are created equal Quote message in reply? Please enter your desired user name, your email address and other required details in the form below.

How Can I Turn On My Amp Without Remote Wire? - Car Audio Q & A

I've never seen a subwoofer wired with co-ax. They do sell co-ax to rca converters. Can I use one, or should I try to run a new rca cable to the subwoofer.

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Some powered subs give you both options, some only one or the other. If your sub only has the speaker level, then use the option 1 and set you AV receiver to NO sub and your left and right speakers to full range. Two ways to hook up powered sub.

I'll try your 1st option as that's all I can do at this point. It's obviously not the ideal set-up, but hopefully it'll hold me over until I feel more financially secure in buying a new sub. The Sub Woofer is listed as the [.

Multi Channel Surround Sound.. The Sub-woofers come in two types.. I have two Sub Woofers..


How to Install an Amp Without RCA Jacks

Both have Both connections.. It doesn't harm it.. The sub woofer contains its own amplifier.. I would not say that CAR Stereo is of a pure nature..

How do you hook up an amp using a head unit without rca outputs? | Yahoo Answers

I think I had the opposite problem. Your outputs are rapidly finished selection it somewhat is high-quality when you consider which you sub amp could have the mandatory low bypass clear out. Why are all the answers so short these days? Is it possible to hook up subs without pulling the head unit?

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Can I hook up a subwoofer without using the RCA wires? Answer Questions I have a f 3. Wiring audio system in a vehicle?

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  • Subwoofer wire dilema.

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