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This is not one of them — but there's a method to that madness.

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I've had it played both during foreplay and actual P in V sex. But I feel like the slow and sensual rhythm allows us to be in the same pace and it makes me feel more connected to my partner. And because the song is longer than three minutes, it helps guys last longer as well. When nature gets its timing right, getting it in while listening to the pounding rain in the background is a nice little gift from the powers that be.

But when you've got the afternoon to stay in bed but rain for that added effect, this song is a nice placebo. You might have missed this action horror flick from the early 's.

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But as Helena, 28 puts it, it's got everything you need for an entire day of lovemaking. Out of all the responses we got for this article, Ginuwine's "Pony" came up the most. And while most women agree that there's truly no wrong type of sex to have to this song, Sarah, 26, recommends turning this on during a steamy car shag.

For Darcel, 29, this song nails the "let's get it on" vibe that makes her want to release her inner freak.

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And then of course there's the lyrical content. The song itself is also almost like a battle of the sexes, so it becomes playfully competitive between who can outsex whom. Personally, it challenges me to match his skills, and even outdo whatever he's doing — and therefore he will rise to the challenge as well. This old school funk song has a quick beat perfect for getting a quickie in, and sets a pace that'll have your bodies moving and slamming as soon as you hit play. Pulsating drums that control your body make for an out of body sex experience.

All senses are activated, letting yourself go to feel everything.

Best 69 Songs to Make Love To

Get ready to sweat. There are certain songs us women hear and we think: It's been a year of unending political disappointments , festivals going up in figurative flames , Nicole Kidman and Kardashian babies. Hopefully amid the chaos you've had some fun times, and perhaps even some freaky ones.

For those who enjoyed the latter, or are looking forward to a little more loving in , PAPER has compiled the 17 sexiest songs released this year to blow you and your partner's mind. Feel free to shimmy a track or two into your "intimacy" playlist — we know you have one. That booming bass get it is something that only Big Boi can pull off without descending into the depths of corny hell.

This should be enough to get you started, before you get a little more sultry and a little less bang-bang with it. Once again, Big Boi, we salute you. This French Montana addition makes a strong case if for nothing else than its inclusion of "up and down," "feel like heaven" and "can't feel your toes" in the lyrics. Bonus points if you play it while getting it on in a bathroom, a hotel room, or both. Beware, "Ponyboy" is not for the fainthearted, this is for some dark, intense, "Red Room"-style sexy time.


Tie your hair up as high as you can or don a wig because ponytail flicking is necessary to set the mood. When you want a change of pace, "Take Care" is something you can really sink your teeth into.

Fun and frisky, with just enough bounce to keep everybody's energy levels up. In fact, this track would likely work best with multiple people involved. Note, "Body Smile" should only be listened to while consuming red wine and chocolate-dipped strawberries while peeling off clothes one piece at a time. This is Dirty Dancing-level romance. Oh, Bando Jonez you have won our hearts and some other things.

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Frank Ocean can do no wrong. Just move your body close to your partners and the song will do the rest. If Demi can love her body in all the right ways, then you totally can too. This is a power house song that is perfect for some self-love with your partner. No, the answer is no.