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So after going through all the messages I narrowed it down to 4 profiles and met all of them for individual coffee dates on the first day. The girl I had the best chemistry with was the one who ended up as my tour guide and travel companion. Why travel alone when you can have beautiful women show you the best of Manila and Palawan? It also made my trip a lot easier and more enjoyable in the limited time I had. My Impressions Of Filipino Women. Well, to start with all the women I had contact with speak English reasonably well and that made it very easy to communicate compared with a lot other Asian countries.

Secondly, all the girls I met for coffee and the girl that was my tour guide were beautiful, feminine and very easy to hang out with. The girl who traveled with me made my trip so relaxed and easy that I considered staying longer. She went out of her way to make my life as easy as possible. Of course, it didn't hurt that she was very attractive and looked amazing in a bikini. The Reality Of The Philippines. The reality of the Philippines is that it's a third world country that has massive income inequality.

When you go around Manila you will see parts of the city that are very first world. But you will also see a lot of parts that look like the third world with high levels of poverty.

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So it reminds me of Brazil with a lot of wealth mixed with a lot of poverty. However, this does not change the fact that the women are super attractive, feminine and easy to be with compared to women from most western countries. Dating Asian Women.

Just a reminder, Filipino women are very traditional in many ways like many other Asian countries. For those of you who don't know, the Philippines used to be a Spanish colony. This makes the Philippines a unique country in this part of the world. They are all raised in a Catholic tradition and many are very religious.

Dating Filipino Women

Treat them with respect and you will have a great time. The Bottom Line. Having read countless articles about the Philippines, I had a clear picture in mind.

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I knew that some cities in this country have more bars than houses. Oh, and I also knew that a majority of the population of the Philippines lives in poverty. Basically, I imagined countless bars and beggars on every street corner. I was afraid that I was about to land in hell. Two weeks after I landed in Manila, all my fears, worries and negative emotions were gone.

Instead, I felt happy, relaxed and balanced. It took me less than 14 days to understand that nearly everything I imagined about the Philippines was not true. Yes, there are some shady bars and there are beggars. Of course, it was shocking to see how some Filipinos live. For a vast majority of the Filipino people, the living conditions are really bad. They are laughing, playing and having fun.

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Seeing the smiles of people who have so little made me realize something. The more time I spent in the Philippines, the more I doubted the Western philosophy of working more and accumulating more material possessions. Even though some of the poorest Filipinos seemed to be happier than some of the richest Bankers in New York, I thanked God that I was born in a Western country. Like I said, I was amazed at how happy they are.

But I was also shocked at how poor they are.

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This ambivalent experience made me think about all the things that I, as a young man who was fortunate enough to grow up in a Western country, take for granted. I thought about how many times a day I go to the fridge to get food and open the tap to get water.

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When you really think about it, this is a privilege. You sink or swim. You sell something or you die. You have to be careful. The same is true for Filipino women. They are beautiful and feminine but not every woman who smiles at you is sincere. Be careful. Of course, you can ignore this advice and do it anyway.

John, a middle-aged American man, visits the Philippines for the very first time. One night he ends up in a bar.

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  • There he meets Joy, a beautiful Filipina bar girl. He falls in love with her and she pretends to be in love with hem. He marries her, builds a house for her and two months later, she kicks him out. Playing with fire can lead to nasty scars.